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Poobre-ty uh Puberty Happens to the Best of Us

My kids always seem to wait for when I am chopping veggies with a sharp knife to drop some eyebrow raising tidbit.

Ocean* says, “King talked about pooberty in the dugout. I looked up but tried to not act shocked or worried. “Oh he did, did he? What did he need to talk about?”

King giggled then said, “Everyone asked why I was so tall and I said because I am going through pooberty. I showed them hair on my legs too.”




Straight-faced, 9 years old, matter-of-fact, delivers this information. He is neither tall for his age nor going through puberty. Uh, pooberty. Now you might say, “see this is exactly why I am afraid to talk to my kids about sex and puberty—it will lead to embarrassing conversations in the dugout. But actually, I’m the embarrassed one. Embarrassed to tell you that our kids heard about puberty from jokes on the Disney station, before even I the sex savvy author and educator, got to tell them about it. Oh we’ve talked about the lead up topics: using correct words for body parts, and a few other details, but we have not actually discuss the definition of puberty until this event happened. Isn’t that something. In many ways, I am just like every other parent— never prepared for how fast our kids are growing. I’ve been a nanny, an educator, a pre-school teacher, a fabulous Auntie (if I do say so myself) advising everyone else what to do throughout the years and now it’s my turn. Well my advice has not changed much but my stories have only gotten funnier and my list of answers for parents to give inquiring minds now hits the floor like a Santa Claus scroll in happy land!


*names are change for privacy but yes, the wild Ocean and the smartie King work very well.

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