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The Anti-Spa SPA treatment! Shaving for moms

Even with house-slippers on and the kiddie stool at the toilet you can get those rascally hairs.

Yes shaving for moms and other people who do not have the time or take the time treat every shaving session like it’s Spa Day at The Claremont! I never go for these gimmicky things but this one really worked. Shaving easy the first time ever!

Jackie and I got in a fight once about money and I said, “listen, the true evidence that we have officially moved into middle-class despite not having a 401k or savings account is the razors I buy. She laughed and said “you’re right.”

I now buy a fancy expensive razor BECAUSE it works. I love it. Before I go more into finance and helping you save $ buying it let me give you the review of the Venus Spa Breeze by Gillette. It has the little gel pillows on the top and bottom of the razor. I’ve seen it before and didn’t even pay attention. They looked like little rubber teething rings to my eyes. Sorry. But one day the word “sensitive” caught my eye, I had a coupon and what the heck, I bought it.
The Venus Spa Breeze is perfect for moms and women on the go.(see my last line for coupon)

You get it wet, slick it around your body and bam you are done. We have a shower stall that you have to stand in–which makes shaving all the more dangerous. No nicks, no ouchies, no boo boos. I used it everywhere. I did get bikini line bumps when I didn’t go back and shave soon enough. I did not get them though from simply shaving and I did not get them when I shaved often. Take it out of the shower between uses, let it air dry and store properly if you want to use it again.

Let me know what you find price wise. Luckily I had $6 CVS bucks plus a coupon or honestly I never would have bought it the first time. In the San Francisco Bay Area I cannot find them for less than $14. Target said $10 online which was cheaper than all except Amazon.  Now I get refills on Amazon. Be sure to click open the “Special Offers Available” link that is so subtlety sitting below the price line. That will open up a $2 coupon that you can apply to purchase.

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