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Beauty Porn: From Zombie Anti-Porn Anti-Feminist to the Indulgent Visual

Hair Porn!

Just when you think you can skip into the feminist porn woods curious as to what sexual entertainment or education you might find there, beware Dorothy! Now Zombie Anti-porn alleged-feminists are in the fun-sexuality woods on the hunt. They are actually not feminists–It’s clear from their actions that they do not believe in equality among genders (aka Feminism). Their efforts are indeed Zombie because they are from the dead anti-porn feminists only now it’s grosser because all the stench and extra burden of rotting flesh from HAVING BEEN DEAD SO LONG. As we all know, Zombies multiply like bunnies so these idiots are not alone in their attacks, just sit in Congress.

Tyra Banks Shoe Porn

Tyra Banks Shoes are so great they are Shoe Porn

LOVING HOMAGES TO PORN what this article is really about…

Meanwhile, back in the everyday world [where the majority of people forget that extremists constantly try to steal our sexual power and we are just going on with our daily lives] I would propose that porn is not a scary word and as a matter of fact is used as something close to flattery.

When someone wants to show or indulge in something that they love it’s often called “porn.” There is shoeporn (dot) com for people who love shoes. There is foodporndaily (dot) com which is gorgeous pictures of food. In Off Beat Bride there is “wedding porn.” No it’s not people in wedding dresses having sex. It’s,  you know, such great wedding indulgence that they call it wedding porn. That’s all.

There are endless pinterest pages for all kinds of indulgences aka porn including “decorator porn,” “hair porn” and even “popcorn porn.” There’s guitarporn in the UK and that’s just one of many in the guitar porn category. There is cabinet porn where the owner of the site tells us what lovely antique cabinets should be put back into production because they were the best cabinets ever.

There’s even fountain pen porn for us writers who really really just drool over a luxurious fountain pen.

montblanc fountain-pen porn

Lickable Fountain Pens are Porn to Writers


So if porn is purported to be such an unacceptable thing then why is the word thrown around in a such a complimentary manner?

Jackie and I used to make porn. We named our company S.I.R. for Sex Indulgence and Rock-n-Roll. Indulgence described everything in between. And now “porn” means indulgence–not just any sloppy indulgence, mind you, but gorgeous indulgence. Look at any of these sites I listed above and you will see that they were made with respect, care and love for whatever subject they are captivated by. Frankly, I don’t think most people are very upset about porn nor care. That’s why they lovingly use the word to mean “a visual or aural indulgence of a subject adored.” I will take credit for that definition.

wedding porn

Off Beat Bride has Wedding Porn


So back to the woods. We must always guard against those who want to monitor and criminalize sexuality. Alas, we don’t get to rest when it comes to civil liberties. So get out your sword…hold on…wait a sec…looking up sword porn. Yep there is it pictures of high quality swords “A Peter Lyon Gallery” and he writes, “Lock the door and shut the blinds. Because it’s just alone time with you and the swords baby.” Ahhh, how he loves swords and his fellow sword admirers so much so that he made sword porn for them. And that’s what we did when we made our S.I.R. porn for you.

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