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Drink and Think Before You Cut

I just had the most fantastic birthday I’ve had in  years. So lovely but back to daily life. Doing the laundry, trying to figure out healthy menus and the shopping list. Cutting costs. Which leads me to now: in some kind of martyr I’ll-make-up-for-spending-money-birthday mentality I cut my own hair!! I know some women who […]

Does Sex Make You Live Longer Dr. Oz?

I was watching Dr. Oz’s show “6 Secrets to Living Longer” where he had asked experts in a wide variety of fields their advice for living longer. He picked the top six that he felt were important. One doctor advised to activate your brain with crossword puzzles to which Dr. Oz said you can also […]

My Birthday

I am getting ready to turn 45. Forty Five! I eschewed big birthday bashes or attention in recent years. Not sure why. Maybe because I was an exhausted mom. Maybe because I just liked having fun with the kids and adults started really boring me.  At times I would feel desperate for adult conversation and […]