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Great Sex, Good Parent: The Missing Chapter for YOU

I have been working hard get an awesome class ready for you for this Thursday night. Buy tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/621860   Great Sex, Good Parent: The Missing Chapter in Your Whole Life Parenting! Parents of all sexualities celebrated and welcome. I am answering all your questions on * how to talk to your kids about sex […]

Kandi Burruss: Make Me Over!!

Bedroom Kandi

Kandi Burruss Make Me Over! on Love, Life & SexKandi Burruss came to Oakland for the Good Vibrations Oakland store opening and boy did she Make Me Over. That’s the name of one of her new sex toys in Bedroom Kandi. On this episode of Love, Life & Sex Michelle Meow is very concerned about […]

Aphrodite’s biggest threat–Be your strong self and not scare the shy ones

Uh Oh Butch by Honey Lee Cottrell

Love, Life & Sex: Strong Femmes and Shy Guys Click that link to hear my answer to: “How does a femme own her sexual power without scaring away the shy butches, transguys, or bois or the ones who need to think they need to be in control?”  This is the question in my Love, Life & […]

That Wascally Wabbit

Love, Life & Sex: That Wascally Wabbit This week’s episode goes on a Rabbit Hunt! Love, Life & Sex listener Jennifer says, “You know that toy that has beads that twirl around, bunny rabbit on the top–it starts to feel like a blender.” She wants help getting a “inside and outside toy.” Shar advises on how […]

Get your sexy hands on the NEW Femme’s Guide

Please click and buy now! Thanks–(you will thank me later after Goddess size shots of empowerment, validation, bright ideas for dating, getting laid and housekeeping, plus Shartini cocktail recipes not to mention the cruelty-free gravy for the morning after) In other words, I love you.

Michelle Meow wants to Know What Toys to Get

Michelle medium body

Listen in to this episode of Love, Life & Sex, to hear Swirl Host Michelle Meow fess up. She lets Shar know how high and dry the Meow Kitty Condo has been. She has a new romantic interest and needs Shar’s help (desperately) to fill her catbox with all the right toys. Love, Life & Sex: […]

Harnessing Pleasure

SpareParts Joque

Click HERE to listen to my answer on Love, Life, Sex Dear Femmepress Shar– I am a 47 yr old ftm who adores his sweetheart. My girlfriend loves being fucked with a strap-on [harness with dildo], but I am unable to feel anything when I use one. I’ve got both a leather harness and a […]

My Brazilian went South–Not in a Good Way

bald pussy cat

Dear Femmepress Shar– I am about 40-ish, I will say, and have been married for 12 years and I am a very busy mom. I recently got a Brazillian to make my husband happy. I have never done this before. We are from a country where the women and men have more traditional roles and […]

Valentine’s Day 2012

Real V Day Love

Want to know the real secret for getting romantic on Valentine’s Day? It’s not spending money on diamonds or a seven course dinner it’s focusing on you two. Now this is if you two need to some time alone. If you already have date nights and good lovin’ once the kiddies are in bed then […]

Does Sex Make You Live Longer Dr. Oz?

I was watching Dr. Oz’s show “6 Secrets to Living Longer” where he had asked experts in a wide variety of fields their advice for living longer. He picked the top six that he felt were important. One doctor advised to activate your brain with crossword puzzles to which Dr. Oz said you can also […]