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Quotes About Shar

These are a few mentions regarding the first edition of The Femme’s Guide. Can’t wait to hear what folks will write about the 2nd edition.

About Shar….

 “Shar Rednour is the undisputed Femmepress of the Universe—a smart and sexy babe who knows what’s what,”Michael Thomas Ford, Lambda Literary Award-winning author.

 “I wouldn’t know my stilettos from my Stouffer’s if Shar Rednour had not bestowed her invaluable femme guidance upon me.” Susie Bright

Rednour is to my femme friends what lighting cues are to a Broadway Musical” Jonathon Keats, Salon.com

With a combination of wit, candor, and considerable spiciness, erotica writer Rednour serves up a how-to book quite unlike any other. “ Foreword Book Review

Shar Rednour offers no apology for her outrageous sensibilities and the sexpert advise. She is just the leader we need.” Girlphoria

Shar rocks. Very useful, funny, and fierce.” Google Books

“Snappy and sassy and slutty and smart,” Instinct Magazine

“Shar is simply fabulous…sexy and smart and completely sensible, a rare combination “ Spectator Magazine.

“Her honesty and down-to-earth style is refreshing, and her humor captivating.” Girlfriends Magazine