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Fast Cars, Fast Sex, Fast Me

Shirley Muldowney Standing by Steve Reyes

I was flying down Oakland hills, hair swirling in the wind, skillfully dodging pot holes, eyes darting to the clock, radio blasting this afternoon to make my target on time: the 3:00 school bell toned as I walked up the stairs to the playground. Only moments before, in my mind I was aggressively wrestling the [...]

Harnessing Pleasure

SpareParts Joque

Click HERE to listen to my answer on Love, Life, Sex Dear Femmepress Shar– I am a 47 yr old ftm who adores his sweetheart. My girlfriend loves being fucked with a strap-on [harness with dildo], but I am unable to feel anything when I use one. I’ve got both a leather harness and a [...]

Hey Dr. Feel Good–Fix My Hysteria, yeah right there….

Rex Ray happygalvibe

Move over Smithsonian! There’s a new museum to write home to mommy about. Mistress Mommy that is. San Francisco’s beloved, notorious and yes legendary Good Vibrations opened The Antique Vibrator Museum. Already creating a stir, or shall we say a national vibe  some of the antique vibrators from the turn of the century can be [...]

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