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Single and Loving It? Single and Hating It?


Valentine’s Day Schmallentine’s Day Single and Hating it? Single and Loving It? Being a parent means you are surrounded by love and if you choose to, lots of construction paper hearts and glitter this time of year. I have always been known for fun Valentine’s Days that did not require being a part of a [...]

Valentine’s Day 2012

Real V Day Love

Want to know the real secret for getting romantic on Valentine’s Day? It’s not spending money on diamonds or a seven course dinner it’s focusing on you two. Now this is if you two need to some time alone. If you already have date nights and good lovin’ once the kiddies are in bed then [...]

Real Advice about Heart Attacks in Women

As moms we are always told we have to take care of ourselves not for our own sake anymore but for our children. Maybe it’s because we are so socialized to minimize ourselves and care for others. So this makes caring for ourselves not selfish but again an act of selfless mothering. How ridiculous. Just [...]

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