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My Brazilian went South–Not in a Good Way

bald pussy cat

Dear Femmepress Shar– I am about 40-ish, I will say, and have been married for 12 years and I am a very busy mom. I recently got a Brazillian to make my husband happy. I have never done this before. We are from a country where the women and men have more traditional roles and [...]

Love, Life Sex on Swirl

Do you like listening more than reading? I am posting the answers to my readers questions after the radio show airs. Swirl Radio features Michelle Meow and is super fun and it’s informative. You can listen to my segment alone or the whole show.

I Cheated! Save My Marriage

if you would like to listen to my answer instead of reading it, click here to learn about SwirlRadio. Hi Shar! Huge fan!!! So my question…. I made a terrible mistake in my marriage…(multiple cheating) and I’m trying so hard to prove to my wife how sorry I am and how I do love her… I [...]

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