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Safety Monitor, Sex by Candlelight, and Midnight Love on Demand

For the first years of parenting we had sex in the …where? Okay let me think. We did have sex. Yes yes I remember talking about it or needing it. I definitely know we had sex because I didn’t kill anyone due to a bad hormonal imbalance.Yes yes something is ringing a bell. We did have sex. But I always got upset about lighting and music. I wanted the closet light on with the door almost-but-not-quite shut. Just so. Frustrated that our CD player ended up in the boys room for nursery rhymes. YOU try to get something sexy on a clock radio! Finally finding a 70s channel is the best one can do. Believe me I have put time into this.

Free Babysitting for Date Night

Need some free babysitting so that you can go out for a few hours with your love? Try this.

Do your kids turn into baptist preachers?

what is it with this phase where we are policed by our children when we are wild and crazy or rather simply a little affectionate or hyper?? This morning I was sitting on Jackie’s lap while we had our coffee. Okay let’s get the picture right in your head–she looked hot and studly all ready [...]

Hotels Part 2


Aren’t you wondeirng how it all ends?

Need a Date Night? Go Straight to a Hotel

Many parents have date night–a special night since spontaneity isn’t easy with kids. Here’s my advice for getting some on a “Date Night” is to find a online discount to a local hotel and go have your date there so you won’t get interrupted by the kids.

Welcome to my blog


I am going to be writing and talking about how having my fun sex life prior to kids taught me lots of tricks I pull out now for example “Try it once you might like it!” Also how I am managing to have sex and connection with my spouse while still raising our kids. Parents [...]

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