Cramming it all in

So within one day I find out my Aunt has two kinds of cancer, yeah yeah “she’s old” but it still sucks and it really sucks for everyone who loves her.

I also found out that day my friend who is young and has kids has cancer. She’s going to be great but her next year is going to be full of pain and nausea and tests and being poked and prodded. Life will be far from normal. She is having surgery next week and I told her, “you know everyone is preparing for after the cut but you need some love and time right now while you are not in pain. Get a sitter and swing from the rafters!”

I want her to have decadent food, massage, really great belly laughs because after surgery it hurts to laugh or cough, and get some sex and love in.

My other friend said, “that might be too much, bittersweet, too emotional.” And that’s very true of course. But I can fuck someone until they cry. If you ever fist a woman you know she often cries.  Several orgasms or blended orgasms can bring many a woman to snot and tears. It feels great, releasing, open, nothing clogged in your psyche or energy.

This is my lesbianism coming out even though I try to make this blog for everyone (and I know about/refer to many many people’s experiences) but Note To Self, find out how many straight men have made their women come and come and come until all emotion pours out like a waterfall and the whole body releases. Is this another area of sex education that needs gently passing along or is this so well known? Are the male partners strong? Can they accept it? And in the end does it scare them? Because I am a woman and I know and understand that release I know what to do on the other side of it. I fully accept the flow and hold– in emotional safety and love –whomever I am “doing” even if it’s someone I just met. yay something new to learn. I love asking questions like these.

Wow I went off on a tangent. Please fuck tonight–whatever that means to you– and hold my loved ones in a white light of prayer with your orgasms sending them wholeness, strength, peace, healing, intuition, love, and a sense of humor to get through it all. That’s what we can all do. I will definitely dedicate an orgasm to you and yours the next time you ask.

In Love and Healing–Thanks!

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