Dirty Talk has to Wait

Dixe de la Tour the fabulous hostess of  Bawdy Storytelling SF is trying to hear my story so she can get an idea of her line-up Wednesday night. She wants to give us rehearsal time as well and that’s fair. But it’s one thing to come up with time on the computer–especially since my youngest can’t quite read yet and another to be able to talk and not be heard! Sorry Dixie.

I do have a wonderful story about my life of being titillated by nasty talk and stories. Or rather titillated by what I find to be nasty. It’s all relative you know:Can’t  one person’s trash is another person’s treasure is another person’s trashtalk!

Well I am going to squeeze in my practice while idling the mini-van on a side street after school and before doctor appointments during a playdate. Ah the life of a mom.

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