Mom’s Turning 75

Conversations with Mom Part 1

I think my mom experiences ageism regarding sexuality but she doesn’t think so. I said, “Mom c’mon. You don’t think people assume that you wouldn’t like or want sex or care about sex because of your age??”
She said, “ Darlin I don’t think so….I know one thing they think though.”
“What’s that?” I ask.
“Well that one time Geraldene made that joke about sex and well, I thought it was a joke and laughed, but nobody else did—They meant it. That was several years ago.”
“What joke?”
“No she wasn’t joking.”
“I know but I mean what was she saying?”
“That was the problem I laughed and she wasn’t joking.”
“I know..Okay. So, Geraldene and her husband Big Bill went to the doctor on one of his follow ups after his heart surgery. The doctor told him he was doing well and that he was free and clear for sex now. Why Geraldene hit the doctor in the arm and said, ‘well why in the hell would he care about that?’ The doctor rubbed his arm and said to Big Bill, ‘are you interested in Viagra?’ And Big Bill looked at him and looked his eyes over at Geraldene and said, “With her?” I thought it was a punchline and laughed…. but she wasn’t joking.”
Then as usual Mom and I made lots of jokes and laughed because that’s us. Trying to get back on my research and topic I said, “But Mom what’s that got to do with prejudice about age?”
“Sharlene, I haven’t been discriminated against because of age—I don’t think—but I do think that people, or maybe women make the presumption that none of us want to have sex once we are a certain age or once, for whatever reason age health whatever that you know, we don’t have to so why would we? And they think that about me and think it’s true without even asking me.” She did one of her famous pauses and here’s the dry, “cause if they did..well then, they woulda found out.” She laughs.

*All names are changed.

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One Response to “Mom’s Turning 75”

  1. Jaeleen Bennis says:

    You’re mom’s a crackup! Great article!

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