Do your kids turn into baptist preachers?

what is it with this phase where we are policed by our children when we are wild and crazy or rather simply a little affectionate or hyper?? This morning I was sitting on Jackie’s lap while we had our coffee. Okay let’s get the picture right in your head–she looked hot and studly all ready for work I was still in my fuzzy warm turquoise robe that my mom got me from JC Penney that has embroidered on the back “Don’t talk to me until I have my coffee” with slippers and all. Anyway it wasn’t like I was in a lap dance outfit let’s just say. And we had mostly slept apart from each other last night because of rotating children and beds. So I was sitting on her lap feeling so good and thinking in my head this is important. Even if we can’t get alone time (which we have not lately) this feels so good and is important to just sit on her lap and feel wanted and cozy all at the same time. At which time, my 4 year old walks up and tries to push me off of her. He laughs but it’s clear that he wants more space between us. Our five year old went through this phase for a long time. Not sure if he even is over it or if he feels that he can let the younger one take over policing us. You know…he clocked-out and the other one is on duty! I get in trouble for dancing too.

I also got reprimanded from the kids for running into a lake laughing and diving in. A lake filled with people, even our relatives but *I* am not supposed to do that kind of thing. The boys freaked out seriously. Now they just tell me not to do it.

Well we will just keep being affectionate until it is okay. My parents were very affectionate with each other and I don’t remember it ever bothering me. Maybe it did when I was really young. I will have to call Mom and ask her. Stay tuned. Maybe I will video our convo!

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