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KOFY break! TV break that is

I have been with some of my Swirlians Michelle Meow and Simma The Inclusionist at KOFY TV recording for National Coming Out Day.

In this first picture I look kinda serious but I wanted you to see it because I so carefully rearranged the set so that the viewer could see my shoes through the vase. At first the director was doing it then he finally said “Just put it where you want it.” I am wearing my Fierce Queer Femme T-shirt by recording artist Nicky Click and a cool fringe skirt that I picked up at the Benicia Witch Faire.

Shar on the set of KOFY TV with Swirl


And here is another. October 13th we host a Gimme a Break Marathon then our first Swirl TV show airs! We choose to celebrate National Coming Out Day as our first show. Our “pilot” if you will.

Shar On KOFY TV with Michelle Meow of Swirl

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