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Citizen Swirl makes TV Debut

Last Saturday night, October 13th brought out Citizen Swirl debut TV show.

Jon Branfman, Shar Rednour, Simma Lieberman, Cecilia Chung,
Mynx D’meanor & Michelle Meow


October 11th was National Coming Out day and KOFY producers invited us to use that opportunity to bring our radio show to the Telley. Swirl has been an awesome radio show with Michelle Meow at the helm.

The episode focused on Coming Out issues with Michelle interviewing Jon Branfman from Equalize Youth; and human rights activist, LGBT Grand Marshall and SF Health Commissioner Cecilia Chung.

human rights & Transgender activist

SF Health Commissioner


The Lovely Mynx D’Meanor from Fishnet Follies











We ended with a drop dead gorgeous burlesque by Mynx D’ meaner.

Simma the Inclusionist joined me on the couch with her rants about the Romney ticket as I advised on Love Life & Sex with Michelle asking all the important questions.


Did you miss it? Wish it were on Youtube? well it’s not. Old fashioned TV. Next I will warn you and I hope you find a friend with a DVR if you think it’s not YOU  to stay in on a Saturday night or decide to have a viewing party like I did and making staying in THE thing to do!


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