Flying, Kissing and Love American Style


Flying, Kissing and Love American Style
If it isn’t one thing it’s another when it comes to flying. I have had to hand over my “hobo” knife my father gave to me and I forgot to take out of my purse (it’s almost like my dad makes stuff like that happen. I mean I am in my 40s and my father still tells me to unplug the curling iron as well as interrogating me as to what I am carrying on my flight when I leave from visiting the folks! I always give him a teenage smirk like I don’t know how to fly DAD and dang if I didn’t forget that knife!) ANYWAY okay, so yes no knives is a good idea but now the right-wing smack down on tender affection??
L Word actress Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend Nina Garduno shared a few light kisses on a Southwest flight when a stewardess told them this was a “family” airline and that kissing was not okay. I guess a quarrel ensued and they were escorted off the plane. You can google the story or follow Leisha’s tweets if you want to know more. But what I liked was watching The Talk today and seeing how much support for them was out in the media. The gals on The Talk all agreed it was out and out discrimination. They soon all started telling their airline make-out stories so if Leisha needs proof that heterosexuals get to make-out she needs to go no further than a call to Bruce Jenner’s wife Kris. She told about how her and Bruce snuck away to the bathroom when they were feeling frisky thinking that no one noticed. Later when landing the flight attendant announced over the intercom, “American Airlines would like to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jenner to the mile high club!” Holly Robinson Peete concurred that she had never been asked to stopping kissing either as she was joking that being in the seat-belts held captive she and her man ended up kissing more than normal. Thanks for sharing Holly. As someone who likes PDAs I wish I were sitting behind you!
My kids are at the age of just flat-out starring when my wife and I kiss. Yesterday they caught us doing a real kiss and my seven year old said, “why did you touch tongues?” and our youngest said, “yeah?!” We thought, “can we just kiss?” And now the jokes are going to fly, “what are you a Southwest flight attendant?” will surely replace “What are you a Baptist preacher?”
All this hullabaloo made me think of the general idea of public displays of affection. Simple kissing should be applauded in our world of wars and hunger and stress. Seeing love should make us go, “Awww.” As a gay person if I am hated on then will I hate back? There are many complicated issue with discrimination but this brings up a basic one: if you hate on me will I hate on you? When I see you make out instead of “Awww” will I think “oh FINE glad they get all their legal privileges and they get to FAUNT IT.” Now is that anyway to live? Let’s stop the hate circle and applaude love when we see it and find it. Don’t just pause to smell the roses but pause when you see those happy moments between people and send the love back out.

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