My Birthday

I am getting ready to turn 45. Forty Five! I eschewed big birthday bashes or attention in recent years. Not sure why. Maybe because I was an exhausted mom. Maybe because I just liked having fun with the kids and adults started really boring me.  At times I would feel desperate for adult conversation and would talk your ear off. Yet other times, watching the adults get drunk or demand this “party time” just bored me beyond belief. I was like, yeah, uh Can I just watch  Ben 10 episode 27 because I am on the edge of my seat about what happened to  the time traveler? And popcorn and ice cream cones are more fun than spending all my money on alcohol while standing up with clothes on.

Let’s get real. There is a point in parenting where having clothes on and standing up when you don’t have to (eg. volunteering at the playground) is a bigger bother than a vacuuming dog hair.

This joke could of course bring me to sex–saying something about lying down with my clothes off. AND YES that too. I want that for my birthday.

I digress…so this year I am way into my birthday. I wanted to party and everyone is out of town. Can you believe that? My birthday is on an actual Saturday AND I am in the mood AND everyone is gone. Fine. I wanted to stretch it out all month long anyway which was what I did most of my life.

This year I would like William Shatner’s new book Shatner’s Rules. The Body Has a Mind of It’s Own this cool book by mother and son scientists. I would like Urban Decay eyeshadow especially in the color aubergine (or many hues in the family). And I highly prefer (that’s one degree less than a “need”)  a clinique gift certificate.

time to pick up the kids. More later….

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