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I Cheated! Save My Marriage

if you would like to listen to my answer instead of reading it, click here to learn about SwirlRadio. Hi Shar! Huge fan!!! So my question…. I made a terrible mistake in my marriage…(multiple cheating) and I’m trying so hard to prove to my wife how sorry I am and how I do love her… I […]

Real Advice about Heart Attacks in Women

As moms we are always told we have to take care of ourselves not for our own sake anymore but for our children. Maybe it’s because we are so socialized to minimize ourselves and care for others. So this makes caring for ourselves not selfish but again an act of selfless mothering. How ridiculous. Just […]

Drink and Think Before You Cut

I just had the most fantastic birthday I’ve had in  years. So lovely but back to daily life. Doing the laundry, trying to figure out healthy menus and the shopping list. Cutting costs. Which leads me to now: in some kind of martyr I’ll-make-up-for-spending-money-birthday mentality I cut my own hair!! I know some women who […]

My Birthday

I am getting ready to turn 45. Forty Five! I eschewed big birthday bashes or attention in recent years. Not sure why. Maybe because I was an exhausted mom. Maybe because I just liked having fun with the kids and adults started really boring me.  At times I would feel desperate for adult conversation and […]

Flying, Kissing and Love American Style


Flying, Kissing and Love American Style
If it isn’t one thing it’s another when it comes to flying. I have had to hand over my “hobo” knife my father gave to me and I forgot to take out of my purse (it’s almost like my dad makes stuff like that happen. I mean I am in […]

Love Creams and Slickery Dreams: Sensuous Beauty Review

I am here for you using all these tasty products from Sensuous Beauty JUST to be sure they are perfect you. Aww poor me. They are formulated and created by a woman in Sebastopol California with organic quality ingredients. Sensuous Beauty makes love balms for use with partners. They make vulva balm that can used […]

Dirty Talk has to Wait

Dixe de la Tour the fabulous hostess of  Bawdy Storytelling SF is trying to hear my story so she can get an idea of her line-up Wednesday night. She wants to give us rehearsal time as well and that’s fair. But it’s one thing to come up with time on the computer–especially since my youngest […]

Adoption Questions

Geena Kiss Me!

I have read my books. Listened to my friends who are adopted–sometimes as teenagers in those deep-talk, moon-bathing moments of sharing and sometimes as an adult with a close friend. I am definitely aware that we can’t always be prepared but I am as best as one can be for adoption questions from my children.  […]

Mom’s Turning 75

Conversations with Mom Part 1 I think my mom experiences ageism regarding sexuality but she doesn’t think so. I said, “Mom c’mon. You don’t think people assume that you wouldn’t like or want sex or care about sex because of your age??” She said, “Well..no Darlin I don’t think so….I know one thing they think […]

Cramming it all in

So within one day I find out my Aunt has two kinds of cancer, yeah yeah “she’s old” but it still sucks and it really sucks for everyone who loves her. I also found out that day my friend who is young and has kids has cancer. She’s going to be great but her next […]