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Sex, Power & Song Titles: Young Femme & Older Butch

thank you Okinawa Soba for archiving this photo on flickr

Love, Life & Sex: Younger femmes & older butches Is it all about sex and power? Some people think that the older butch is on a power trip or that they are just big horn-dogs wanting sex with younger hottie babes. Let’s Blow the BS out of this baby right now. Always the wisest flirt, Femmepress […]

Guys Get Pocket P*ssies but Whatta ’bout the Gals?!

Love, Life & Sex: The Sqweel laps up orgasms for women. On this episode, a listener says guys get all the pocket pussies but why don’t the women get a tongue version? She asks: What’s Up with THAT? Shar scares Swirl host Michelle Meow with a tongue vibrator called The Sqweel. Michelle confesses she wants it wetter and […]

Michelle Meow wants to Know What Toys to Get

Michelle medium body

Listen in to this episode of Love, Life & Sex, to hear Swirl Host Michelle Meow fess up. She lets Shar know how high and dry the Meow Kitty Condo has been. She has a new romantic interest and needs Shar’s help (desperately) to fill her catbox with all the right toys. Love, Life & Sex: […]

The Femme Conference: What We Really Want to Know

Listen in to this week’s Love, Life & Sex We are talking Femme Fashion. Of course at the Femme Conference 2012, we discuss classism, racism, visibility, parenting, environment, transphobia, sex, bondage and a whole lot more! Every room is full of strong opinions BUT what is the one place we ask advice? Listen to the show […]

Harnessing Pleasure

SpareParts Joque

Click HERE to listen to my answer on Love, Life, Sex Dear Femmepress Shar– I am a 47 yr old ftm who adores his sweetheart. My girlfriend loves being fucked with a strap-on [harness with dildo], but I am unable to feel anything when I use one. I’ve got both a leather harness and a […]

Love, Life Sex on Swirl

Do you like listening more than reading? I am posting the answers to my readers questions after the radio show airs. Swirl Radio features Michelle Meow and is super fun and it’s informative. You can listen to my segment alone or the whole show.

I Cheated! Save My Marriage

if you would like to listen to my answer instead of reading it, click here to learn about SwirlRadio. Hi Shar! Huge fan!!! So my question…. I made a terrible mistake in my marriage…(multiple cheating) and I’m trying so hard to prove to my wife how sorry I am and how I do love her… I […]