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Does Sex Make You Live Longer Dr. Oz?

I was watching Dr. Oz’s show “6 Secrets to Living Longer” where he had asked experts in a wide variety of fields their advice for living longer. He picked the top six that he felt were important.

One doctor advised to activate your brain with crossword puzzles to which Dr. Oz said you can also do little things every day like brushing your teeth with your “wrong” hand or doing it backwards. And I was thinking,  wow, how would this work with sex? To my wife I am a bottom; to others I am usually a top. So as a top this would be pretty obvious: If you are left handed do her with your right. If you like to put up one knee while fucking then put up the other. If you give spankings—I could probably pull that off with the wrong hand but what about floggings?! Oh boy that’s a whole new arena of difficulty. Not sure I would risk hitting my girl in the wrong spot. I, of course, would never venture into more hardcore territory like nipple clamps. Are you crazy? I would stick them to myself, to my fingers, shake them off to the ceiling and back again like too much mozzerella in a pizza pie. Please, I am not musician—they can do everything with multiple hands. My wife’s a musician. She can sing and play guitar with two hands. Two hands moving two ways. Musicians make it look easy so we forget how hard that is.

Speaking of my wife and my bottoming to her. So Dr. Oz, how would a bottom do something opposite? Wiggle my ass to right more and the left less? Claw the sheets in the reverse direction? Kick the footboard instead of the headboard? I don’t have a footboard. Would this be a good reason to bring back mirrors above the bed? I’ve done that before and left me tell you that’s a brain exercise. You have to move the opposite direction to go where you want to go—you have to suggest to your stud the opposite of what you want!  Which can be a little frustrating if you are on the hovering on the beautiful brink of astronomic orgasms and “a little to the left” is all that is in your way!

Dr. Maoshing Ni was on the show and his advice was more HGH Human Growth Hormone. For those of us who don’t want to shoot it up he had a handy suggestion that seemed just perfect for date night: thigh squats. The two doctors explained that simple squats stimulates your body to produce more growth hormone. Okey dokey what fun—and I don’t have to do it backwards.

Then last but not least Dr. Laura Berman was on the show, of course, promoting sex as way to live longer. I could have told you that but her advice was very specific. She said orgasms protect our lungs.  Uh, okay Dr. Laura. I won’t argue. Screaming orgasms anyone? I’ve had my share pre-children. Maybe that needs to be my next mommy blog is how to have screaming orgasms post-kids. I mean now that’s harder to solve than the economy. To give you full disclosure she didn’t say you had to have screaming orgasms to live longer, just orgasms. I added the screaming part just for fun (tee hee).

Well, having sex helped with 3 of the 6. Thanks Dr. Oz—I will happily do my homework.

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