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My Brazilian went South–Not in a Good Way

Dear Femmepress Shar–

I am about 40-ish, I will say, and have been married for 12 years and I am a very busy mom. I recently got a Brazillian to make my husband happy. I have never done this before.
We are from a country where the women and men have more traditional roles and my poor husband, I am kinda a tomboy –I do not wear much make-up but I think I look good. I get no complaints, right? So I do this for the first time–
And now I have a discharge! I think I got something but how could that be?? I told him this is not how it is supposed to be, we are supposed to have hair down there. I don’t know what’s going on.

Please Help

PS: though I should say it DID make him really happy (smile) and we both had a great time in bed afterwards.

Dear Kathy–

Bravo for trying something new to make your partner happy. NOW some might say “Oh no she is changing herself for a man” but I say to that “change the genders and see what you would advise? We wouldn’t think a thing for a man to go to Good Vibrations and ask for help pleasing his woman? And us queers, well crap, we’ve got givers and takers and I hope ya all mate as 2 givers together and let the takers sit at home to play video games–but that’s a different lecture. 

Anywhos-ville like I was saying


 Bravo for being open-minded to try something new. But you are right –we do have hair for a few reasons and *protecting our privates from the friction between our legs* is one of those reasons.


I do not think you have an infection.
I think that your body is responding to friction by creating natural lubrication which is a discharge but not an unhealthy one.

Another possibility is that you have had this much discharge before but it was normally caught in your hair and now that you can feel and see every drop so it seems like more than it is.


Unless it smells bad and is off color, I wouldn’t worry.


What I would do is wear loose clothing, leggings under skirts instead of underwear, do not wear jeans or at least tight jeans especially if you are going to be sitting all day. 

Now that said, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can do a brazilian again. My advice for future bald soirees  in your lady garden–is for you to be a, uh, smooth operator only on occasion.

Many women do it all the time–good for them. But If you only do it now and then you will stay very sensitive–in a GOOD way–as you experienced every touch is electric, you might be able to climax faster or bigger, you might feel naughty and extra sexual. You partner thinks its hot and when he doesn’t get that all the time, it stays super hot. A happy surprise.


If your extra lubrication is because the friction is making you not irritated but simply HORNY then masturbate more and/or get those kids to the babysitter and have some hot dates with your man.
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