Single and Loving It? Single and Hating It?


Valentine’s Day Schmallentine’s Day

Single and Hating it?

Single and Loving It?

Being a parent means you are surrounded by love and if you choose to, lots of construction paper hearts and glitter this time of year.

I have always been known for fun Valentine’s Days that did not require being a part of a couple. Pah-lease. I could write some fun, sassy masturbation article but here’s the real deal: I think that you should throw a Valentine’s Day party even if it’s small. We had a pink potluck party one year where everyone had to bring a pink food. Some of it was yummy, most of It was hilarious. My friend Patrick made a  pink jello mold creation from his mom’s 1973 recipe that we couldn’t stop laughing over.

We finally threw it out into the gutter in the San Francisco rain where it tormented me for days. It never melted. it was still there jiggling!!!


Anyone can stick her nose up at a created holiday and sit at home eating microwave popcorn, or you can decide it is a good time in the cold winter to have some laughs, share your  affections with your friends, and get heated up from the inside out.  Umm and regarding the inside out–yes you can probably give yourself the best pleasure anyway, so treat yourself to a new sextoy or pull out the old favorite and go for it. Take care of the best Sweetie Pie–You!

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