Valentine’s Day 2012

Real V Day Love

Want to know the real secret for getting romantic on Valentine’s Day? It’s not spending money on diamonds or a seven course dinner it’s focusing on you two. Now this is if you two need to some time alone. If you already have date nights and good lovin’ once the kiddies are in bed then personally I would make this day a community day for you and family and friends. BUT romance is cheaper than therapy so if you and your lover need some quality time then the recipe below is made especially for you. I promise it will get you closer together and give you some badly needed hormone-balancing.


1) Skip the Dinner

For Valentine’s Day most people go out for a fancy dinner. If you never get to go out and this is your big treat then by all means go for it. But do this on the weekend. On actual valentine’s day, I find the fastest ticket to opening up and creating intimacy with your lover does NOT start with a heavy meal.

2) Plan where you can be intimate.

Do you live alone? Are you divorced and the kids are with the Ex? Will you have the house to yourself? If not instead of spending money on jewelry, get babysitting and spring for a hotel. On the internet you can get all kinds of bargains in any price range. Get a hotel even if you can only go there two hours.  Most importantly, get one with a bathtub.

3) a) Plan sexy food. B) after sex food. Obviously it’s freezing in most places so this is up to where you live. Get your and your love’s favorite appetizers: strawberries dipped in chocolate, shrimp cocktail, you pick. Wine, champagne, water whatever drinks or smokes you want. For after-sex-food, pick up something filling and yummy–your favorite comfort food. Couple of burritos or pizza? Keep it warm and hide it.


4) Prep the Love Tools. If you are at home get it all ready, if going out then pack it.

Remember the lube, candle light, sex-toys, music, favorite sexy movie, etc. If you can set up your love den ahead time, without your love there.


5) Prep for the Post-Love Party. Comfy clothes, fuzzy socks, favorite bath salts, lotion.


6) Deep thoughts by… YOU. Think ahead of what is special about your love and about you two together. Write down your thoughts in a card. Picture how you are going to express yourself.


7) Make the Connection. Start with your tasty bites…I meant the hor d’oeurves! Yes nibble on your babe or offer your body for the nibbling. Don’t process the bad times. If you are a new couple –please don’t process about your Ex! Talk about what you like about your lover, about yourselves as a couple. Start your sexy movie then start kissing. Don’t wait for the other person to start. Go for it. Get in there. If you have time, do a strip tease or demand one. Screw your brains out. I mean it. Especially if you are parents or caretakers or for whatever reason have not had sex in awhile. Fill up your sex gas tank!!


Having sex creates vulnerability and sets off excellent hormones and body responses that make us feel good. Being vulnerable creates a special bond between you and your love.


8)After sex and vulnerability. Lay back and watch a movie, pick out a funny one. Do not catch up on The Walking Dead! Take a bath. Eat comfort food and get turned on again. This time you might just kiss since your bellies will be full. You might be re-energized for round 2.

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