Question for Moi? Win a vibe.

So my new radio segment is super fun. I did get some awesome questions in. Thank you. I always need more so please read the How To below. Everyone who sends in a question gets entered into a raffle to win a small prize donated by Good Vibrations which will be mailed to you discreetly from Moi. Many prizes will be sent.


Daily Life has me getting my Love & Romance Bonnet back on. I am going to be answering your questions on my new radio segment coming out in March as well as a column and books that I am doing.

Email your questions to me  Shar  AT I will keep your name and info private.

Some things to help you think:
  • Do and your lover have different styles? different libidos? different work schedule?
  •  Questions about last break-up or your Ex?
  •  Divorce? Single-parenting and dating? Polyamory?
  •  Questions about someone new that you like but you have an issue that gets in the way?
  •  Does anyone want to use dildos or harnesses and need help finding the right one?
  •  Is anyone worried about buying vibrators or getting the right thing?
  • –there are so many different kinds. battery, electric, inside, outside…
  • do you or does your partner feel that sextoys replaces her or him? or doesn’t like them for other reasons?
  •  Questions about G-spots?
  •  STDS?

I am gathering questions about

  • break-ups
  • dating
  • sex
  • sex toys
  • body issues
  • gender concerns
  •  LGBT very welcome but don’t be shy all sexualities are welcome in Shartopia
NO question is a silly question.
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